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60 South

60 S. Broadway, Denver, CO

(303) 777-0193




1380 S. Broadway, Denver, CO

(303) 777-9880


The Brig

117 Broadway, Denver, CO

(303) 777-9378



While I have not spent much time frequenting this place, I always refer to it as the stripper bar, as every time I have ever stepped foot in the place, there have been strip shows. It is a very small bar, so when it gets busy, it can be a very 'friendly' place, if you know what I mean. They also have a large patio in the back, which you can see in the photo to the right, above.


7900 E. Colfax, Denver, CO

(303) 322-4436




900 E. Colfax, Denver, CO

(303) 839-8890



Charlie's is the token country bar of Denver.  You like your men in cowboy hats, boots, and wranglers, and can't resist a two-step, this is your place.  I must say, though,  I am not into country, yet find it a pretty cool place.  Thursday is the day that really packs them in, with cheap drinks. 

As you enter, there is a large bar, with pool tables to your immediate left.  To the right, and forward, is a large dance floor, which you typically enter through a glass door. This is the 'country' area. Recently Charlie's made some major changes to the way it operates, and made the 'country' area/dance floor its own little area. As you enter it, to the left is a bar, straight ahead is the dance floor. Up some steps and to the right the is a large outdoor patio. If you continue to wrap around the dance floor, there is a small bar, and on the other side is some seating.

Back out in the main area, instead of going to your right, walking straight ahead and a bit to the left, down a set of stairs, is another bar. This is the major change - it used to be primarily dining here. Now there is another smaller dance floor that plays dance/club music. This areas gets quite packed on Thursday, due to its smaller area.

Mondays is another busy day at Charlie's. It's karaoke night, at the small dance floor, and mailbox night, and they play top 40 on the dance floor that is usually country.


145 Broadway, Denver, CO

(303) 722-7977



One of the first clubs at which I danced before I moved to Denver, the Compound is somewhat similar to the Triangle, in that it attracts all types, especially later on Sunday nights.

The parking lot here is entirely too small, but luckily there seems to be plenty of street parking surrounding the facility. No cover ever here either. But on Sunday, please do expect it to be quite busy.

As you enter the long hallway in, straight ahead you see a long bar and open area. Once you get past the ID checker, to the left are the bathrooms and a pool table. If you follow the bar area, there is seating all along it, as well as at tables along the wall that face the bar. This is the portion of the bar that is open 7 days a week. 

To enter the dance floor area, you will take a right immediately after you get ID'd. Through the doorway, you will see the lights and sounds of the dance floor to your left, and another large bar area to the right. While the dance floor is fairly small, you can expect it to be packed on Sundays, with a good DJ, and a very dark setting, it's a good place to have fun. I know there is dancing Friday - Sunday, am unsure of other days of the week.


5110 W. Colfax, Denver, CO

(303) 623-7998



2936 Fox St., Denver, Colorado
(303) 298-7378



Update: Foxhole has done a bit of remodeling, and has made the indoor portion more dance-friendly. However, alas, they also torn down what I really enjoyed the most - the balcony, from where there was always a breeze, and you could peruse the crowd. I can only hope the owners might see this and reconsider its recreation!

Foxhole, formerly known as The Centerfield, was the very first place I visited the very first time I came to Denver. The former owners, Doug and Grant, made me feel so welcome it was about the only place I hung out at until they sold it November of 2001 (dammit!). 

Today it is known as the Foxhole, and is the hottest place of all places to go the one day it is busy - Sunday afternoons (during good weather). That reason being that it has a HUGE outdoor area. In fact, even the dance floor is outdoors.

You'll wonder where the heck this place is, if you dare to try to find it on a map. Go to Mapquest and locate it, then also know it is located right by Coors field. Once you get close, just follow the cars, there is nothing else close by, so trust me, following others is a good thing.

No cover here either, but expect very long lines if you get there anywhere near 5 p.m. Once you get ID'd, to the right is where you access the outdoor area. Once outside, to the right is a large BBQ, where you can buy burgers and/or brats. Following the flow of people out, you'll see a large dance floor to the right. Straight ahead is a raised platform, where there are umbrella tables. To the left, you'll see access to a bar. A little further straight ahead and to the left, you'll see stairs, which lead to an upstairs patio area. This is a great place to go to get a lay of the land, and to watch your favorites boys (or girls).

The inside is much smaller than the outdoor area, although a nice place to hang if it's not too hot outside. There is a pool table, and lots of seating.

Parking is nuts here, although funny enough, there is plenty of it. It will look (as in the pictures above) as if there is a baseball game going all. You'll know, however, it's just a bunch of boys and girls having a great time!


777 E. 17th Avenue @ Clarkson St., Denver, CO

(303) 831-0459


The stand-and-model bar in the city. No dancing, but lots to look at if you go.

Two floors. The first has a large bar, and lots of room to stand or sit. Upstairs opens so you can see the bar on the first floor. There is also a large screen that plays any number of things, like videos, or Queer As Folk showings. Upstairs has another bar, pool tables, and a large outdoor balcony.

Wednesdays and Fridays are the big days, if you like crowds.


3014 E. Colfax, Denver, CO 80206

(303) 393-2900



Longhorn is what might best be considered a local neighborhood bar, with a couple twists.  There is a bar, a pool table room, and a patio, which is accessed up a flight of stairs.  Don't go expecting strippers any longer - I have been informed they no longer have performances. It used to actually be a lot of fun, as far as strip shows go...

It is typically an older crowd, pretty much all the time, with lots of regulars.  Any other day of the week, it is pretty slow.  No TV, but there is a cd jukebox.  Bartenders have not traditionally been the friendliest to strangers, but it could just be me..... 

I will admit it has been awhile since I last spent time any time here, so please look for an update soon!

Old Tequila Rose

5190 Brighton, Denver, CO

(303) 295-2819



This bar/club, which is located in the middle of nowhere, is the one gay club dedicated to Latinos, and those who love them. There is usually a cover only on Saturday nights, and it varies. 

Upon walking in, there is a pool table immediately to your right. Straight ahead is the bar, with two bartenders, usually. Immediately to the left are some bar tables, and further to the left, is a table-and-seats area, which us quite crowded on Saturdays, with regulars taking most of them. 

As you follow the bar, to the left, there is a very small dance floor. It is acceptable during the summer, when there is an outdoor patio to dance on. In the other months, however, is is entirely too small - be prepared for ever polite Latinos to do the bump. 

At the end of the bar, then to the right, is the entrance way to the outdoor patio. This is one of the saving graces of the club/bar. It is large, and with the gorgeous Denver summer nights, it's a terrific place to hang with friends, or gawk at that cute boy from Columbia...

The Wrangler

17th and Logan, Denver, CO

(303) 837-1075


The Wrangler is famous for its huge Sunday beer bust.  By 5 p.m., the place is packed, with a very all-age group.

The Wrangler has a large bar as you enter, and is fairly low lit.  There is seating all around the bar, with a couple of video monitors that play any number of things, such as videos.  As you go to your right, at that end of the facility is a dance floor - something new as of this past year, which is fairly large, by Denver standards. The Wrangler crowd is not one you would usually find guys dancing, so is somewhat of a irony.

As you continue walking as you enter, you will encounter a long hallway.  You turn to the right, and there is a pool table room - very small.  Continue walking, and you will enter another room, this one is quite dark.  It has another bar, with a very friendly bartender.  It also has lots of nooks and crannies, for exploring your darker side...You can then reenter the main bar from here.

I have not been there too often any other day of the week, so am unaware of what business is like otherwise.  

Parking in lot north of the bar is OK after 5PM, all day Saturday and Sunday. 

The Grand - Closed

538 E. 17th Ave, Denver, CO 80203
Open Daily: 3:00pm-2:00am
(303) 839-5390


The Grand is the piano bar of Denver. Very comfortable place to sit and listen to music, talk and watch a fireplace. Pool table in a back room. Very large outdoor patio that is filled with people during the summer. This is the place to take your breeder friends when they are squeamish about going to a gay bar.

Friday night is the big night here, although any night is a good night.

Lesbian Bars


551 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO

(303) 861-1497


I am not one to know too terribly much about lesbian hangouts, but this one is in a very prominent place, right on Colfax Avenue. I believe they serve food, and that is all I know!

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