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Gay Neighborhood, extraordinaire x2

What a funny coincidence - Seattle's gay neighborhood is also named this.  One big difference, however!  Seattle is not the capitol, like Denver. 

Yet being new to the city, I am still trying to determine the 'real' boundaries of this area.  I can tell you that it does run the length of Pine Street, as it leave the city, to at least Madison.  I have no idea how far north or south.  This is pretty much the axis for the gay bars as well, starting with The Eagle at the west, and CC's at the east.  I will confirm one thing, however - it really is a hill, unlike Denver - which it really isn't much.

LGBT Community Center

12th and Pike


One might consider the community center to be the very center of all LGBT activities, and that might very well be true! I just had chance to pass by it on my most recent trip, and snapped this, not having ever noticed before. Please feel free to stop by and let me know what you find out!

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